A# Demented

Monday was our last rehearsal before our concert at the Beeston Methodist Church on Saturday. It was the first time in weeks that we managed to get almost all the band together. All music starts with a key, be it sharps, naturals or flats, none have stumped us, but on Monday, one did. All rehearsals start with a visit to the micro brewery, York Chambers, next door for 7 glasses of tonic water!! As I was last back into the practice room, the front door slammed behind me, followed by a small tinkle (no, not our trumpet player took short) this was the key snapping off in the lock!!! The next 45 minutes was spent with small screwdrivers, hammers, magnets and pincers trying to remove the key that had snapped flush with the lock. With patience, lots of ideas from the band, and the skills of Leon, the key was surgically retrieved. Mathematics then decreed we get 2 hours of music into 45 minutes. We did it. We are ready. We have a fantastic show for you, so please come along Saturday…..but if anyone asks what key we are in……..!!!!