Cranberry Flick

Playing a Cocktail of Swing, Jive and Rhythm & Blues

It’s Coming!!!

It’s autumn. The leaves are dropping from the trees, the winter coats and hats are being taken from storage and Cranberry Flick are in rehearsal for our Chrimbo Spectacular. Well before Santa has sprung his elves into action wrapping presents, long before you sit down to your typical Christmas Dinner of tripe and onion’s, come and get in the festering spirit at our Christmas dance on...

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Cranberry and Cream

I never knew there were two nine thirties on a Sunday? Crawling out of bed, I heard the distinct sound of Snap, Crackle and Pop, breakfast ? No just my legs preparing to walk to the bathroom. With most days in August being wet and chilly, I wasn’t looking forward to a day time gig on someone’s lawn in the middle of the country. But what a day it turned out to be. The sun was belting...

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It’s Raining Men… And A Girl..

On a summers night that would have had Noah rushing to build another Ark, Cranberry Flick entertained a very enthusiastic audience to a smorgasbord of fine music. Lovely to see some new faces in the audience. they didn’t know what to expect as they were strictly Big Band fans. But the overwhelming opinion after was ‘WOW’ many said that they were blown away with the show and with...

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Springing Into Action

For the first time in 2017, Cranberry Flick took to the stage again at The Park Risley. Lovely to see so many familiar faces and some new ones as the word gets round about our spectacular shows. We had lots of requests from the audience , but we played until the end anyway!! Although a program was constructed for the night, showcasing new material, we were still asked to play old favorites like...

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Park in the Dark

Exciting times in Cranberry land. We are planning and practicing to go back into the studio to record some new tracks. Predominantly they will show the flexibility of the band (although I still can’t do the splits) and the wide range of music the band can cover. From Swing to Jazz and Ballad to Rock, we provide a plethora of perfect positiveness! We are also very excited to be asked back,...

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