Moving Along..

I know we have been very quiet in cranberrian land for a few weeks. But we have been working so hard, producing our new album. To say we are excited, is an understatement. Personally, I haven’t been so excited since the mother in law told me, that she would jump up and down on my grave when I’m gone. Which is brilliant as I am being buried at sea!!
The CD has now been mastered. The artwork and album sleeve has been designed and we are ready to go to print. We are also in the process of organising a launch show, where the entrance fee will include a copy of the CD aptly titled ‘As Long As I’m Moving’ We would like to make a special mention to Terry of Major Oak Recordings for his patience and professionalism throughout this project. Also to our lovely vocalist Angie who has spent hours designing the artwork for sleeve and burning the midnight oil, to get it completed. It really is something to be proud of and I know you will enjoy it.  Watch this space for launch dates.

Tulips From Hamster Jam

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A hearty spring welcome to all our cranberian fans out there. Boy, have we been busy (girl, have we been busy… just in case) After a sell out Christmas concert at the duchess theatre, we have already booked the room for this Christmas’s extravaganza. It was a truly magical evening, with mince pies, sing a long and a surprise visit from the big man himself… no not Donald Trump… Santa!!! After a very short break, we went straight into the recording studio to work on our new album. Three weekends of microphones shoved up our instrument ends (ooooh matron) and nowhere to hide from split notes or missed repeats. Very exhausting, but I guarantee, a very exciting CD will be available soon. Last night we played for the Long Eaton Dawnbreakers Rotary Club. We got on stage slightly later than anticipated, but still managed to play our full sets as planned. Once the weather warms, we will be scheduling more free outside concerts outside Fugue music, right next door to a fantastic micro pub with the most friendliest landlord I know (worth it for a free drink??!! .. ;)) We will be gigging throughout the year as Brexit will not affect Ted’s wallet, so all is good. Keep your eye on Facebook and our website site for all the gossip.


Fangs for the music

If there were any bats in the belfry, Cranberry Flick sent them packing, with two hours of top entertainment, raising a fair sum of money for Beeston Methodist Church as well. A very appreciative audience sang along to Minnie the Moocher and was lulled by the sweet tones of Angie singing Don’t know Why. Our version of the chuckle brothers made a show of bringing Angie’s stool out (we didn’t find out until later, that one had passed away!) and the infamous two cocks made an appearance over the pews!!! Confused? Well come to our next show, soon to be announced. Talking of bats. Two bats sat in cave, one with blood round his mouth. One said ,’ where did you get that ‘ the other said ‘ See that tree over there?’ Yes replied the other.
‘Well I didn’t’

A# Demented

Monday was our last rehearsal before our concert at the Beeston Methodist Church on Saturday. It was the first time in weeks that we managed to get almost all the band together. All music starts with a key, be it sharps, naturals or flats, none have stumped us, but on Monday, one did. All rehearsals start with a visit to the micro brewery, York Chambers, next door for 7 glasses of tonic water!! As I was last back into the practice room, the front door slammed behind me, followed by a small tinkle (no, not our trumpet player took short) this was the key snapping off in the lock!!! The next 45 minutes was spent with small screwdrivers, hammers, magnets and pincers trying to remove the key that had snapped flush with the lock. With patience, lots of ideas from the band, and the skills of Leon, the key was surgically retrieved. Mathematics then decreed we get 2 hours of music into 45 minutes. We did it. We are ready. We have a fantastic show for you, so please come along Saturday…..but if anyone asks what key we are in……..!!!!

Around The Town in 18 Days

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Massively busy few weeks for the musos of Cranberry Flick. We played outside Fugue Music for a beer festival, entertaining shoppers and drinkers who stopped to join in the fun. From there we did an outside concert on a beautifully hot bank holiday Monday at the James Wyatt in Alvaston. It was then ‘prepare for take off’ as we  landed  at the Radisson blu Hotel at East Midlands airport for a charity dinner dance. With hardly time to pack our instruments away, we found ourselves in the beautiful Peak District playing at the mighty Eroica Britannia Festival, featuring with some top acts from around the country. Cranberry is going from strength to strength with their high impact cabaret show. Stop press. We are now booked to play at the Formula Vintage Festival at Donington park on Sunday 24th June. Come along and see the vintage cars, stalls and our show, which is second to none.


More info on The Vintage Motorsport Festival Here.’t-miss-our-retro-throwback-next-weekend.aspx

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Cry God for Harry England and St George. Once more into the breach my friends, once more. Well we are not in the breach, but in the bar of ye olde Risley Park Tavern. We can’t promise you dragons ( my mother in law can’t make it. She is on a mountain climbing expedition in Holland) Nor can I promise you a battle. Unless you all fight over the excellent raffle prizes provided by the band. We asked the chef if he would provide Hot Cross buns filled with chili sauce….so you could all breathe fire…but he had no sense of humor. On April 23rd we can promise you warmth, laughs and great music. Forsooth and all for free. CF have been busy in the rehearsal room, working on new tunes for your listening and dancing delight. Did I mention all for free. The good face the band from 8pm.




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As Long As We Are Movin’

Well the frosty frolics have finished. The mistletoe has wilted from all the kissing action. The baubles are being wrapped in lard ready for next year. The cling film has gone over the tree (what’s the point of putting in loft? It cost a fortune and makes a great talking point for visitors) 2017 was a great year for Cranberry Flick culminating with our sell out Xmas concert at the Duchess Theatre in Long Eaton. The major reviews on the band were.. so many era’s covered. A brilliant show. Made me feel festive. This show should go on tour. Thank you to all our supporters. We will endeavor to bring you new songs and music throughout the new year. We promise to keep you entertained and bring a smile to your face. Happy New Year from us all in Cranberry Flick x



Festive Fling

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine and lager and bitter and all the shorts you can drink, plus soft drinks at the fantastic Duchess Theatre. It’s Cranberries Christmas Cracker Cavalcade folks this Friday 22nd December from 8pm. Dancing and singing and Xmas presents in abundance. A truly vintage Christmas spectacular. Not sure of what we play?… Well take a sneak peak at just a few of the numbers you can dance or listen to. It’s only a fiver to get in and you even get a mince pie. Forget stuffing the three bird roast. Forget wrapping those poundland presents. Take some time to yourself and enjoy live music at its best. It isn’t Chrimbo without a taste of Cranberry!


An outstanding night of music at the duchess theatre long Eaton on Saturday night. A charity dance organised by the rotary club in aid of Treetops Hospice drew an enthusiastic crowd to the concert. Music provided by the magnificent Cranberry’s and ably supported by the Cherry’s….in fact two of your five a day in one night. From Long Train Running to Hit The Road jack, it was a musical journey through some great music eras. We will let you know how much was raised later on. In the meantime, please make a date in your diary for the 18th November. We will be providing free music outside Fugue Music Long Eaton, from dinner time on wards. Please come along and say hello and solve all your Christmas present worries by buying our CD. Square and easy to wrap and only £3 ….perfick.



Party at the (Risley) Park..

What a rumbustious evening at Risley last night. We tried out some new charts that went down a storm. The wonderful song Que Sera Sera brought back so many memories, the poignant words.. ‘When I was just a little girl I asked my mother what will I be?’ Well stacking shelves in Sainsbury’s probably would not have made the second Verse! We took a trip back in time to the 1960’s as we tried the theme from Peter Gunn and the challenging piece of music for the night was Chicago’s Caravan, but we towed it to perfection. Please come and see our Christmas show on 22nd December, it will be the most festive thing you do this year.