Ding Dong Merrily And Pie…

Do you know, it seems only a year since last year’s Cranberry’s Christmas Cracker of Celebrations. Well it’s that time again and we have a Christmas show that is bigger and better than ever! A lovely intimate venue, a well stocked bar serving the delicious Cranberry Cocktail, which is guaranteed to put hair on your chest and give you a festive swagger….the men too! We have sandwiches, chips and mince pies to tantalize your taste buds. We have a fantastic raffle ….star prize a snooker table! We have music from all eras, in fact so much to play, that if they were presents we would need miles of paper and tape (Cranberry Christmas tip. Wrap your Christmas presents in baking foil… it’s shiny, holds itself together round any object and when present removed you can use it to cook the turkey!) I love turkey… I always ask for the back legs. So join us and start chrimbo with a swing at The Risley Park…. Doors open 7:30pm,  tickets only £5. It really wouldn’t be Christmas without a good dollop of Cranberry.





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