Playing In The Park

Wow.Wow.Wow. Monday’s gig at the Risley Park was a real gamble, a new band, a new venue but hearts sank as 15 minutes before the start of the dance there was only 4 people in the audience… the show must go on! But by 8pm we had a full house, almost as if a coach party had turned up! The crowd were buzzing and the band on fire. From Jersey bounce to the finale of Valerie, the audience savored every last note. No dance floor, but people danced. The whole band were drenched with sweat, as they played their hearts out to a wonderful bunch of music lovers. Lots of lovely compliments at the end with one recurring question… when will we be back?? Well just like Schwarzenegger… we will be and very soon. Watch this space…. now where’s my motorcycle and Sun glasses?! ‘Hasta la Vista Cranberry Flick’.





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