Park in the Dark

Exciting times in Cranberry land. We are planning and practicing to go back into the studio to record some new tracks. Predominantly they will show the flexibility of the band (although I still can’t do the splits) and the wide range of music the band can cover. From Swing to Jazz and Ballad to Rock, we provide a plethora of perfect positiveness! We are also very excited to be asked back, to play at The Risley Park on April 10th. The last dance, was a complete sell out. Each time, we provide a different show, with something for everyone. Merriment, Mirth and magnificent music, mandatory and even guaranteed. Life would not be worthwhile without a taste of Cranberry.


Here’s a sneaky peak into one of our rehearsals!…

Cranberry Flick – A Taste Of The Mix


We here at Cranberry Flick would like to share with you a taster of our very first recordings, set to pictures taken at our first gig; the video includes five tracks we recorded recently at paper-stone studios in Nottingham. Although these were recorded in the studio, we have tried to maintain a live and real sound. The tracks include ‘Mayhem’ by Imelda May, ‘That Man’ by Caro Emerald, ‘Jersey Bounce’ by Benny Goodman, ‘Lady is a Tramp’ by Ella Fitzgerald and ‘Ole Devil Called Love’ by Alison Moyet. hope you enjoy the preview video.