Park in the Dark

Exciting times in Cranberry land. We are planning and practicing to go back into the studio to record some new tracks. Predominantly they will show the flexibility of the band (although I still can’t do the splits) and the wide range of music the band can cover. From Swing to Jazz and Ballad to Rock, we provide a plethora of perfect positiveness! We are also very excited to be asked back, to play at The Risley Park on April 10th. The last dance, was a complete sell out. Each time, we provide a different show, with something for everyone. Merriment, Mirth and magnificent music, mandatory and even guaranteed. Life would not be worthwhile without a taste of Cranberry.


Here’s a sneaky peak into one of our rehearsals!…

Countdown to Cranberry

Every crochet has been finally dissected. Every mimim has been played to its full potential. The staves have been polished. The mezzo fortes honed to perfection. The codas are in place. Cranberry Flick are ready and raring to go. This Monday folks, live in Concert at the Risley Park. Join us for an amazing night of jaw dropping entertainment from the Midlands most exciting new band on the scene. Retro rock romance and rhythm. Forget the Monday blues… come dance to the real blues, swing and jive. The fun starts at 8pm. Food, Raffle and Bar.

Risley Park


First Step

A mighty blogging welcome to Cranberry Flick’s new readers. My name is Glenn and I am extremely proud to be the Bass player within the mighty CF band. I am predominantly a trombone player and play both when required (not at same time. I tried and broke my G string) Cranberry Flick was formed over three years ago by the foresight of our Tenor player Ken and our vocalist Angie. The band play a cocktail of swing jive and blues and there really is something for everyone. I have only been in the Band just over two years and in that time have played for weddings, beer festivals , charity functions and xmas dances. This new dynamic band has a much different approach to other bands with its flexibility of genre’s of music. Cab Caloway, Amy Winehouse, Glenn Miller, Paloma Faith…Peter Kay!!! (Yes you read that right) to name a few. I hope to keep you informed about the bands journey and welcome you aboard to join us as we hit the highway on our musical adventure. x Continue reading First Step

Knickerbocker Glorious; A Gig Story…

17th May 2014 was a beautiful sunny Saturday in the Midlands and we were booked to play at the Knickerbocker Glorious event at Derby’s Cathedral Quarter.
The event takes place at the waterfall in the marketplace. Once a month between 11am and 3pm the stage is filled with music, dancing and poetry to entertain the crowds.



We arrived at 10am, filling the marketplace with cars, pieces of drums, cases of guitars and shiny things as we unloaded, met with the event organisers @furthestpoint and set up.

11am came and as the first musicians and poets were on the stage, we had the pleasure of drinking coffee and watching along with the lovely crowd of people who had gathered …Until we heard the words ‘ready when you are guys’.
At 12noon…. Excitedly we took to the stage..


We launched into our first song, an energetic cover of Ray Charles’s ‘Hallelujah I Love Her So’ followed by ‘That Man’ by Caro Emerald… feeling a brilliant warm welcoming atmosphere as the audience clapped and we continued with our set… we played for 20 minutes… which zoomed by! (but I guess that’s because we were having fun?!)


We finished with Paloma Faith’s ‘Upside Down’ and said “Thank you, we will be back soon!” as we left the stage. We resumed watching the other talented musicians and dancers…. (with more coffee and food) in the still blazing sunshine.

IMG_0982 (1024x683)


1.10pm and time for us to play again, Starting with the classic ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ and moving on to songs originally recorded by Norah Jones and Stevie Wonder as the crowd grew bigger with the passing shoppers.


The wind was blowing through the marquee (naming no names!..) making keeping music on music stands out to be an interesting task! Pages had to be quickly caught and pegged back on as we kept going… ‘Mayhem’… Our next (Apt!) song…. Glenn, swapped his Bass Guitar for a Trombone… and with our temporarily expanded brass section we played. I could not stop the smile as the song sored and the guitar solo rang… just awesome!

IMG_0992 (1024x683)

Our very last number for the day was ‘Valerie’ and as the song started to crescendo Ted and Ken our Trumpet and Sax players moved right out to the very front of the stage playing the song out to the end… Applause from the audience as we thanked them… And another 20 minutes had gone by at super speed!

IMG_1003 (1024x683)

Everyone truly had a ‘Knickerbocker Glorious’ day, and we now can’t wait to play our next gig! 🙂

We would like to say a BIG huge thanks to everyone for supporting us, Derby Cathedral Quarter and to the brilliant event organisers Furthest From The Sea

IMG_0994 (1024x683)

All photos courtesy of Clockwork Prism