It’s Coming!!!

It’s autumn. The leaves are dropping from the trees, the winter coats and hats are being taken from storage and Cranberry Flick are in rehearsal for our Chrimbo Spectacular. Well before Santa has sprung his elves into action wrapping presents, long before you sit down to your typical Christmas Dinner of tripe and onion’s, come and get in the festering spirit at our Christmas dance on December 22nd at The Duchess Theatre Long Eaton….note …it’s the same date that Easter Eggs appear in the shops. My baubles are being polished as I type. Christmas isn’t the same without a bit of Cranberry.


Cranberry and Cream

I never knew there were two nine thirties on a Sunday? Crawling out of bed, I heard the distinct sound of Snap, Crackle and Pop, breakfast ? No just my legs preparing to walk to the bathroom. With most days in August being wet and chilly, I wasn’t looking forward to a day time gig on someone’s lawn in the middle of the country. But what a day it turned out to be. The sun was belting down, the venue was beautiful, the people lovely, the Band note perfect. It was a relaxed and comfortable afternoon for everyone. The band also got fed after the first set. The only problem we had was with the wind in the second half, but I had warned our trumpet player Ted,not to have the quiche. The people sang. The people swayed with the music. The people were happy. We were happy. Cranberry puts on a top show and in any setting, venue and conditions. Quality …sheer Quality.


It’s Raining Men… And A Girl..

On a summers night that would have had Noah rushing to build another Ark, Cranberry Flick entertained a very enthusiastic audience to a smorgasbord of fine music. Lovely to see some new faces in the audience. they didn’t know what to expect as they were strictly Big Band fans. But the overwhelming opinion after was ‘WOW’ many said that they were blown away with the show and with the variety of music. Many said that so many memories were brought back of an era they loved. It was a brilliant show, and even though it was still pouring, everyone went home with sunshine in their hearts.



Springing Into Action

For the first time in 2017, Cranberry Flick took to the stage again at The Park Risley. Lovely to see so many familiar faces and some new ones as the word gets round about our spectacular shows. We had lots of requests from the audience , but we played until the end anyway!! Although a program was constructed for the night, showcasing new material, we were still asked to play old favorites like Valerie and Minnie the Moocher. One chap came up and asked if we could play As time goes by? I sang the first line. ‘ You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss’ I asked, do you mean that one? ..yes he smiled.. no I said, we don’t have it!!!

We are also proud to announce , that our beautiful vocalist Angie Jean has been showcased as a solo artiste on the BBC’s introducing programme. You see, within the ranks of CF we have stars of tv, film and radio. Cranberry is a family and it shows in the warmth and happiness we bring to our audiences. Gigs are now starting to flood in as our reputation spreads. Watch this space for announcements of new gigs. Life wouldn’t be the same without a dash of Cranberry in it.

Park in the Dark

Exciting times in Cranberry land. We are planning and practicing to go back into the studio to record some new tracks. Predominantly they will show the flexibility of the band (although I still can’t do the splits) and the wide range of music the band can cover. From Swing to Jazz and Ballad to Rock, we provide a plethora of perfect positiveness! We are also very excited to be asked back, to play at The Risley Park on April 10th. The last dance, was a complete sell out. Each time, we provide a different show, with something for everyone. Merriment, Mirth and magnificent music, mandatory and even guaranteed. Life would not be worthwhile without a taste of Cranberry.


Here’s a sneaky peak into one of our rehearsals!…

To Infinity and Beyond

The party’s over. It’s time to turn off the lights? Never. Cranberry Flick’s lights are glowing warm and bright. Cranberry is for life, not just for Christmas. After an extremely successful 2016 we ended the year with our Christmas spectacular, more of an experience than a dance. The room was packed to the rafters. You couldn’t get a mince pie through the throng ( I tried once and it came out sliced?) Everyone went home after the gig, full of Christmas spirit and Cranberry Cocktails. So we start a new year with many exciting projects ahead. A very Happy New Year to all our Cranberrian fans. See you all soon x



Ding Dong Merrily And Pie…

Do you know, it seems only a year since last year’s Cranberry’s Christmas Cracker of Celebrations. Well it’s that time again and we have a Christmas show that is bigger and better than ever! A lovely intimate venue, a well stocked bar serving the delicious Cranberry Cocktail, which is guaranteed to put hair on your chest and give you a festive swagger….the men too! We have sandwiches, chips and mince pies to tantalize your taste buds. We have a fantastic raffle ….star prize a snooker table! We have music from all eras, in fact so much to play, that if they were presents we would need miles of paper and tape (Cranberry Christmas tip. Wrap your Christmas presents in baking foil… it’s shiny, holds itself together round any object and when present removed you can use it to cook the turkey!) I love turkey… I always ask for the back legs. So join us and start chrimbo with a swing at The Risley Park…. Doors open 7:30pm,  tickets only £5. It really wouldn’t be Christmas without a good dollop of Cranberry.





Facebook Event

Cherry on the cranberry cake..

To play in a stately home, is a privilege….to play in it twice is an honour. Kelham Hall deep in Robin Hood country is a magnificent building, set in acres of beautiful grounds. Two weeks previous we had played for a vintage wedding Fayre, setting up in a smaller room. Yesterday, we all hit the road at 7am to play for the Vintage Festival. Armed with gallons of coffee, we set up on the stage in the magnificent domed hall. Acoustically astounding, we started our first set at 10.30am as the public flocked to browse the Vintage wares. They sang along to Minnie the Moocher. Jived to Jumping East of Java.. and pleaded with the organisers for us to do an extra set!! Only willing to please, we went back on and did more great numbers. A jive demonstration class in a room further in the hall, decided not to dance to backing tracks, but to join us in the main hall, giving an outstanding display of jump jive. A few of us went back with empty wallets, after buying shirts and coats and cake and sausage cobs. A great day for the Band.. a truly entertaining day for the public. Cranberry Flick.. coming to a town near you soon.









Spread a little happiness


Another fantastic gig at The Risley Park. The venue had forgotten to put the dance floor down, but our audiences are very brave and risked axminster carpet burns to boogie the night away. From waltzes to jive, everyone had a great time. New numbers trialled for first time and you could sense the concentration in the orchestra pit, ‘Fever’ and ‘It Had To Be You’ greatly pleased the crowd. One lady sat at a table smiled all night, it was either the vodka, or the happiness we were spreading. More music to come at our Christmas extravaganza on December 19th. Live music, Sarnies.. chips and mince pies, all for £5. Get ready to book your tickets as they are sure to go faster than Santa’s sleigh over Syria.



Big Chief Success

Sunday started grey and miserable as I rolled out of bed. I heard the sound of snap crackle of pop in the morning and that’s just my knees. After a cold shower, I leapt into my Cranberry outfit (no not red, but the clothes I wear in the Band) loaded the car with bass and bone… and set off for the gig… returning 5 minutes later to collect my amp. Today Cranberry  Flick were playing at Treetops Hospice in Risley. A vintage fayre, to raise funds for the hospice. For the first time in Cranberry’s history, we played in a tepee??? A duo were already playing, as we quietly set up behind them…not easy with a 7 piece band. On the stroke of 2 we launched into our first number, Jersey Bounce. On the first note, suddenly the sun came out. The audience were sat on bails of hay… the crowds left the various stalls as we provided a show , that was second to none. They tapped their feet to Tainted love, they swayed to Tequila, they sang along to Minnie the Moocher a 45 minute set that ended up nearly an hour-long. The most important thing…the hospice made more money than last year!!!. Cranberry Flick… not just a Band… but an experience.


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